year 10 student (private tuition)

mixed media on board

122 by 244cm

Monet's garden at Giverny
Year 9 student (Bruce Grove youth centre)
spray paint on board
122 by 122cm
Year 3 - 7 students (Islington Arts Factory)
spray paint on tracing paper
150 by 180cm
Forest of Imagination (detail)
Year 10 student (Islington Arts Factory)
mixed media paper cut
54 by 76cm
Forest Study 
Years 4 - 10 (Islington Arts Factory)
acrylic on paper
82 by 164cm

Forest of Imagination 2
Years 4 - 10 (Islington Arts Factory)
spray paint on paper
152 by 304cm

Jubilee Banner
Community Arts Project at the Green Box (Spice Charity)
122 by 488cm
Splish Splash World
Years 3 - 7 (Islington Arts Factory)
Poster paint on paper
184 by 262cm
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